Fiesta En Cancun? More Like Fiesta in Freeport, IL.

This Mexican restaurant has been a local hot spot for over 15 years

Spice up your night with dinner at Fiesta En Cancun in Freeport, IL. Our Mexican restaurant is the perfect place to share cheese-drizzled nachos with friends, enjoy tasty tacos with family or celebrate a promotion with margaritas.

We're known for our...

Speedy service
Authentic Mexican food

Take the party anywhere by ordering Mexican food takeout. Call 815-235-5200 now to place your order.

5 dishes you must try at Fiesta En Cancun

Expanding your palate is so easy at our Mexican restaurant in Freeport, IL. Our menu features countless dishes, appetizers and desserts, so your dining options are practically limitless. We take pride in the variety of our authentic Mexican food.

Can't decide what to order? You can't go wrong with the...

1. Tacos campechanos

2. Quesadilla grande

3. Fajitas rancheras

4. Burrito bandera

5. Pollo norteƱo

Feel free to ask your server for recommendations, too.

Leave your lunch in the fridge for tomorrow

Go ahead, say "yes" to that lunch invitation. Fiesta En Cancun offers budget-friendly lunch specials.

You could spend as little as...

$7.50 for a generous helping of chicken fajitas
$9.75 for a chimichanga with rice, beans and a traditional Mexican salad
$10.75 for a large chicken burrito

Check out even more affordable lunch options on the Full Menu page now.