Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Fiesta En Cancun

Chow down on churros in Freeport, IL

Look up any "best Mexican dessert" list, and you'll likely find churros at or near the top. These fried pastries are the perfect combination of sugary sweetness and cinnamon spice, and as any churro-lover will tell you, they're addictive. No need to travel to Mexico to enjoy this iconic treat - Fiesta En Cancun serves churros in Freeport, IL.

We make all of our Mexican desserts fresh daily using only the best ingredients. Visit us today to enjoy tasty treats like churros.

Try these local favorites

Maybe you've had your fill of churros and are looking to try something new. We've got just the thing on our Mexican dessert menu.

Freeport, IL customers love our...

Mexican flan
Fried ice cream
Deep-fried cheesecake, apple and banana burritos

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